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What is Permanent Rule?

Permanent Rule contains those settings which you want to apply permanently i.e 24/7. For an android devices' monitoring, you have option to block available apps on registered device(s) as well as you can block website categories & URLs for 24-7.  You should block those apps and websites under this rule which you always want to be blocked like porn & drug websites, adult apps etc. You will find these settings on your dashboard/account under Rules section i.e. with label APPS & WEB settings. 

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  1. Kelly Johnston

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  1. Jswoliver

    This new dashboard is terrible! Contrary to the "help" center, you cannot edit the permanent rule time. My son went away for the weekend, and his entire phone is blocked because it keeps picking up all these different rules. I've never had this much issue with SecureTeen and VERY disappointed with these changes! 

  2. Joyce Jones-Hicks

    Who else does not like the new dashboard that secureteen changed to?  Not very user friendly in my opinion.  And the help section that explains how to make changes still shows the old dashboard.  Please get this fixed.