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How do I set restrictions on iPhone/iPad device?

In order to fully protect child from inappropriate uses of internet, you are required to set following additional restrictions on child device after installing SecureTeen Safe browser.

  • Child should be able to use only SecureTeen Safe Browser on his iOS device and all other unsafe browsers (Safari, Chrome etc.) should be disabled or deleted from his device.
  • In order to prevent child from installing third party unsafe browsers, we recommend parents to restrict installation of apps from app store on child's device.
  • Child should not be able to delete SecureTeen Safe Browser from his iOS device.

To set the above mentioned additional restrictions please follow the steps below.

1. Remove all third party browsers from your child's device. i.e. Chrome, Opera, etc.

2. Go to Settings

3. Tap "General"

4. Tap "Restrictions"

5. Tap "Enable Restrictions"

6. Create Passcode.

7. Disable Safari, Installing Apps and Deleting Apps by Sliding ON/OFF button to OFF. This ensures that your child can only use SecureTeen Safe Browser to access internet.

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