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How do I Link Child Profile if target device is some Windows PC?

If you do not have SecureTeen on your PC, you can link the child profile during installation.

  • If you already have an SecureTeen login account, Press "Existing User" to login. If you do not have SecureTeen login account, Press "New User" (Figure 1)                                                                     Figure 1
  • Create New SecureTeen Account: Enter the required information, mentioned in the figure below (Figure 2). Press "Next"                                                                 Figure 2

Existing User Login: Enter your SecureTeen username and credentials; Press "Next" (Figure 3).

                                                                  Figure 3

On successful login; select a name for your device, later on which will help you recognize your devices through your SecureTeen account while monitoring multiple devices. If you have any existing device against your SecureTeen account, you can select one from list of already registered devices. (Figure 4)

                                                            Figure 4

Now you need to choose your device linking type. There are two type of linking available for the SecureTeen account, Basic and Advance.

In Basic mode your all Machine Users will be mapped to a single SecureTeen Profile. Default profile will created automatically by administrator of the SecureTeen Dashboard. As shown in the Figure 5, Select first option and Press "Next". Now will lead you to finish page directly.

                                                                     Figure 5

  • In Advance Mode you can create your SecureTeen profiles of your own choice, new machine users can also be created directly from the setup. You can link one or multiple machine users against one SecureTeen profile.                                                                 Figure 6
  • Map machine users to SecureTeen profiles. Drop down menu will list the name of SecureTeen profiles. Default profile is already created, you can create a new SecureTeen profile by clicking "Create Profile" as shown Figure 7.                                                               Figure 7
  • Create New SecureTeen profile (Optional). (Figure 8)                                                                        Figure 8
  • Create New Machine User (Optional). (Figure 9)                                                                      Figure 9
  • Now Map Machine Users to SecureTeen Profile. We are mapping John,test2 & test3 with New SecureTeen profile and rest with the default as shown in Figure 10. Press "Next".                                                               Figure 10
  • When you will click "Next", setup will prompt a message box. This message box is warning you that all the previous mapping setting will be discarded and new mapping settings will be activated. (Figure 11)                                                             Figure 11

  • Finish Screen will be appear. Press "Finish". (Figure 12)                                                                   Figure 12
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