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How do I create a child profile from my SecureTeen Dashboard?

To create a Child Profile from SecureTeen Dashboard , please log in to your dashboard, then Click "Settings" and then click "Children Profiles" and then click "Add New Child" link as shown in figure

When you click on 'Add New Child' a popup will appear

Enter 'Child Name' of your choice, child's 'Year of Birth', 'Gender' and select a 'Device' which you want be linked/mapped with this 'Profile'. 'Map Device' drop down menu will list all your devices that you have registered with SecureTeen during configuration process. It is an optional field. If you do not want any device to link with this 'Profile' right now, you can leave it deselected. You can link a device to any "Child Profile" later by following the instructions at "How to Link a child Profile to a Device". Click the 'Save' button when you are done.

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