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How do I keep my kids from accessing unwanted content by using categories?

SecureTeen makes use of categories so that you don´t have to type all websites which you want to allow OR block. All websites containing similar content are placed under one group called 'Category'. For example, the 'Social Networking' category caters to,, etc. If you block the 'Social Networking' category, all sites within it will be blocked.

Let's learn how we can block "Social Networking" category by using the instructions given below:

Log in to your dashboard and identify the device (Lenovo A.., in this case) for which you want to customize the settings. Click ‘Rules’ link for that device.

By default, a rule named ‘Permanent’ will be available with 6 categories blocked.

You can create as many rules as you want to with different filtering settings against specified time intervals. You can edit ‘Permanent Rule’ as well to allow and block certain categories.

Click the ‘Edit’ icon and you will be shown a window with options to ‘Block Categories and Sites’.

Scroll down the list to allow/block categories as per your requirement. To block ‘Social Networking’ category, click the lock icon against it and press ‘Next’.

Press ‘Next’ button on the ‘Block Apps’ screen too

Press ‘Finish’.

Rule Details will now show the updated settings.

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