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How do I define rules for internet filtering?

SecureTeen provides four (4) methods to filter internet:

  • Category Settings
  • URL Settings
  • Keywords Settings
  • Safe Search Settings

Category Settings : Category settings provide you an easy way to restrict your child from accessing inappropriate content on internet. By blocking a specific category all websites falling under that category will be blocked. 

URL Settings : URL settings make it possible to allow or block individual websites. It also makes it possible to override category based filters e.g if you have blocked the "Social Networking" category but want to allow a specific website in that category then you can do it by putting its URL in allowed list. 

Keywords Settings : Keyword settings provide more granular control to restrict your child usage of internet. Add a keyword to "Blocked Keywords list" and SecureTeen will block all the URLS containing that keyword.

Safe Search Settings : This feature filters adult content including videos and images from search results of search engines i.e Google,Yahoo,Bing. You can enable or disable this feature from here.

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