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How can I obtain a SecureTeen Dashboard Account?

To obtain your SecureTeen account/dashboard, you will need to signup with SecureTeen. This can be done by downloading and configuring SecureTeen Parental Control app on some android/iOS device. You may simply download blue-icon Parental App from Google Play/Apple App Store and signup for online dashboard with it.

                                                              Parent App "Sign-up" screen

You may also signup for SecureTeen with downloaded Child App on target device. Open Child app and select option “I don’t have registration code”. This option will guide you about how to get yourself registered with SecureTeen first.

                                                              "Sign-up" option in Child App

NOTE: You can access you SecureTeen dashboard from anywhere, at anytime i.e. either by using SecureTeen Parent App OR by going to SecureTeen website on its LOGIN page i.e. at following URL:

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