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How can I make sure that Kids don’t tamper the schedule of device usage?

Kids can override the schedule of device usage by either stopping the SecureTeen app on the device OR by changing the actual time on the device. This can easily be controlled by using following steps.

  1. If SecureTeen is not already enabled as "Device administrator" then open SecureTeen app on the device, click "Advanced Settings" and then Activate SecureTeen as Device Administrator.
  2. Now Log into your SecureTeen web dashboard, Click "Rules" option on child device box and then click Edit option in “Permanent Rule”. A pop up will appear with title “Block Categories and Sites”. Now click “Next”. Here you will see list of all apps installed on child’s device. Search “Settings” app and if it is not already blocked then block it. Then click “Next” and then “Finish”.

Now kids can't stop the SecureTeen app on the device because it is running as device administrator. Also they can't change the time on the device because "Settings" is blocked on the device.

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