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Is WiFi Assist on the iPhone or iPad interrupting the WiFi connection?

You might have issue either while configuring iBackup app or upon fetching latest iCloud backup (after configuration) if the WiFi Assist will be enabled on target iOS device. If this WiFi Assist is turned ON on an iOS device, it will be using a combination of cellular data & WiFi to make connections to the internet i.e. network of device will keep on switching between WiFi and cellular data in order to ensure internet stability overthere. Which is why this setting may prevent the iBackup App from recognizing the same WiFi network over target iOS device.

Actually for iBackup Method configuration as well as for its latest iCloud backups later on, you will need to make sure the connectivity of same internet connection on both devices i.e. MAC and target iOS device. The enabled WiFi Assist option may prevent connectivity of same internet connection on target iPhone as connected on other MAC device. So you will need to turn this WiFi Assist option OFF first, for successful configuration and fetch iCloud backup attempts of this new iBackup Method. 

How to turn off WiFi Assist on an iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data.
  • Scroll down and tap the slider for WiFi Assist to turn off.

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