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What license type of SecureTeen do I need to use iBackup Method? What features are supported with iBackup Method?

To use iBackup Method for iOS devices' monitoring and to avail its all available features, you will need to have Premium or Premium Plus plan of SecureTeen. The price of SecureTeen Premium plan is USD 49.99, and Premium Plus is available with price USD 79.99. Both these license allow you to monitor upto three devices in parallel.

This iBackup Method can fetch iCloud-backup for following features' list from target iOS device(s):

  • Internet History 
  • Location Tracking
  • SMS 
  • Calls 
  • WhatsApp Chat
  • Viber Chat
  • Line Chat
  • We Chat  
  • Hike Chat

NOTE: To successfully fetch iCloud backup for all supported features, you will need to enable as well as take the iCloud-backup for all these features on target iOS device(s) first. 

The iBackup method allows monitoring of more than one iOS devices in parallel i.e. you can fetch iCloud backup for upto three iOS device at same time. The iBackup app will be able to fetch iCloud backup for its all supported features, regardless of set Two Factor Authentication security on target iCloud account(s). 

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