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Where do I find the detailed instructions to configure iBackup?

The detailed step by step installation/configuration instructions are available on your SecureTeen dashboard. To find instructions;

  • Please login to your SecureTeen dashboard
  • Add a new profile/device, if you don't have any existing spare profile overthere
  • Open 'View Instructions' section of your newly added profile OR you may tap Edit icon of any already available profile(s) in account > tap Reinstall Child App > tap iBackup.

NOTE: You are not supposed to map target iOS device to that profile on dashboard, which is already mapped to other installed SecureTeen Child App (either on same or some changed iOS device). The iBackup app must be mapped to a new or separate child-profile on dashboard. 

Each available child-profile/device on dashboard has a specific Registration code. So to map target phone/computer to any specific profile on SecureTeen dashboard, you will need to use its specific license-key/registration code.

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