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Where do I find the required License-key/Registration code to install SecureTeen Child App?

You will get concerned registration code/license-key (to install SecureTeen Child App) inside of downloaded SecureTeen Parent-app, on your personal/parental device. For this, you are supposed to check given 'View Instructions' against available child-profile(s) within Parent app.

Whereas; if you need some old registration-code then please tap on given 'Edit' icon (pencil-icon) against already available devices/child-profiles on dashboard and go to Reinstall Child App option on next screen.  

While to get new registration-code, you will need to add a new device/child-profile on dashboard first. To create new child-profile you will find a Plus "+" signed tab/button on dashboard of Parental app. Once done, please tap on available 'View Instructions' tab under this newly added device to get requires registration-code/license-key.

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