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How do I enable Notification Access permission for SecureTeen Child App on Child’s device?

Please note that if Notification Access permission will be disabled for installed SecureTeen app on child’s device, then it will not log incoming messages/chat-history from supported Messengers and also from native Messages app of target-device.

You can use following method to enable Notification Access permission on child’s device:

1. Launch the ‘Settings’ application.


2. Type ‘Notification Access’ in search option of Settings app.

                                                                                                              Search option

                                                                  Type 'Notification Access'

3. Tap ‘Notification Access’ in search results.


3. Find ‘Notification Access’ among given settings-options on next screen and tap it.


4. Find ‘SecureTeen Child App’ (with Green icon) on screen and tap its slider towards right, to enable it for Notification Access permission.


5. Tap ‘Allow’ on next screen.


6. SecureTeen is now enabled for Notification Access.


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