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How to install SecureTeen Monitoring App? Can it work with already installed controlling app?

To enable Monitoring App’s features, you will have to install new SecureTeen Monitoring app separately (in parallel to already installed Controlling Child App). To install this SecureTeen Monitoring app, please login your SecureTeen dashboard from its website i.e. at the URL below:
Now please add either a new child/device on dashboard Or click the given Edit icon on any existing child-profile/device there, and look for Re-install Child App. On next screen, please tap for Monitoring App instructions (under Android Installation Guide section). There you will find download-link & registration-code to complete installation of SecureTeen Monitoring app. You may also check out given video tutorial there for more assistance. If you still need need any further assistance, please contact SecureTeen Support at  or call at +1 206 489 2977 (Mon to Fri 8 a.m to 5 p.m CST)

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